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Puja Services

Vedic Astrology Puja offers various types of auspicious Pooja services along with spiritual facilities. There is a wide range of Pooja services available here which are offered for diverse Gods and Goddesses, or done for fulfilment of special intentions. These Pooja services range from honouring various Gods to the betterment of your house or business.

General Pooja

General Pooja services are performed usually to honour a particular God or thank for or seek his or her blessings. Vishnu Sahatra Nam Pooja, Sudarshana Pooja, Satyanarayana Pooja, Lord Ram Pooja, Lord Krishna Pooja and Suryakiran Pooja are some the major worships offered to diverse Gods for their blessings. There are other Poojas like the MahaMrityunjaya Pooja, Mahakali Pooja, Mahalakhmi Pooja and Saraswathi Pooja, which are offered to please the Gods/goddesses for specific purpose.

Events Pooja

We also offer different Events Pooja which are performed at various auspicious occasions as per the spiritual calendar. Navratri Pooja, Shivratri Pooja, Ganesh Festival Pooja, Jupiter Transit Pooja and Nazar Dosh NivaranBhairav Pooja are among the special event Poojas performed at specific occasions. New Year Pooja, Shri Krishna Janmashtami Pooja, Ramnavami Pooja, Diwali Pooja and GudiPadwa Pooja are also among the special events Pooja.

Jaap without Homa

These are prayers offered to please a particular God or Goddess for a specific reason or purpose. It is mainly offered to overcome some difficulties in life or to get rid of some fears or sometimes to reduce hurdles caused due to the wrong positioning of a planets in the birth chart of a person.


The different Anusatahn Poojas are offered to nullify or reduce the bad effects of a particular karma, or even to solve legal issues or business problems.

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