Visa Problems

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If there are any obstacles in getting a visa, then there could be a problem in your horoscope. An astrologer will check that for you, the position of your stars and horoscope that is preventing you from acquiring a visa to travel abroad. In consulting an astrologer you get a definite solution regarding the delay in visa and immigration. The cure is done to curb the negative effects of the malefic planets and the positive affects that a combination of stars can achieve.

So in order to avoid any hassle from getting a visa, do have a look at website of pt Lokesh, and seek help from him regarding any visa problem. He is one of the best astrologers in this field and has assisted many people in getting a visa to settle in the choice of their foreign land. He will look at your horoscope to check the correct timing of acquiring a visa. The positioning of the Moon and Venus will further assist in tackling this issue, which Pt Lokesh can help in.


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