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Black magic is a procedure that is adopted to harm or kill people and hence are essentially negative minded. Jealousy forces such behaviour and some of the major things associated with this magic are chillies, turmeric, lemon, coconut, ash etc. Black magic can hamper any personal or professional life, make a person paralysed, handicap or insane and can also create depression and financial problems. But there are curative scientific solutions of black magic removal and it is believed that the law of karma acts on every human being and hence no dangerous or unsafe measures should be used to harm anyone. Spiritual techniques are used to remove the negative effects and the dark energies.

Pt Lokesh has many years of experience to provide full protection from black magic. By viewing a horoscope he can at once identify if Black magic as been inflicted on one; and can, then, serve solution to nullify it.The feedback received has always been 100 percent positive and one who needs help in this direction must consult him right now.


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