Kal Sarpa Puja

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Formation of Kal Sarpa Yog takes place when all the seven planets of the Milky Way come between Ketu and Rahu and the absence of even one single planet does not lead to kal sarpa yog. The baby born during this time can suffer fear, tension, insecurity and the biggest problem is suffering from the fear of death. Kal sarp Yog or Dosh can bring in a lot of problems in a person’s both professional and personal life and so Kal Sarpa Puja is important to alleviate these negativities from life else, it might last as long as for 47 years.

Kal Sarpa Puja is not easy and it needs to be conducted by 5 priests for duration of 4 days. We at Vedic Astrology Puja offer you all Kal Sarpa Puja related services under Pandit Lokesh. You can get all the rites and rituals of Kal Sarpa Puja performed in London and other places of the UK by consulting Pt. Lokesh on this website.


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