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Privacy policy

Our site Vedicastrologypuja is fully committed to secure your privacy while using our site. We completely understand the significance of guarding your privacy by making you feel safe online. We have formed our privacy policy, keeping in mind the comfort level you need to feel while exchanging personal information via our site. Given below are the statements that comprise of the privacy practices followed in our site, Vedicastrologypuja and are subjected to the conditions and terms in our Terms of service.

Information collected

In Vedicastrologypuja, we ask you for personal information like name, age, gender, birth information, location of residence, email address and a password during your registration process. This is done to provide you the most accurate predictions and advices based on your exact personal details. This helps as to calculate your exact horoscope report or biorhythm. The email address and password information are intended to secure your profile and to reach you through email service. Although we do not collect any personally identifiable information about you without your knowledge, we do collect non-personally identifiable information like your frequent activities in our site etc. Customer satisfaction being our main motto, we try to provide the best services to our customers.

Use of Information

Information like profile and demographic data are used to provide personalised services to you. We generally use both personally identifiable and non-identifiable information for trend analysis, site administration or for marketing purposes. Personal and demographic data are shared only on aggregate basis to advertisers. Under general situations we do not disclose your personal details without consent. However, due to requirement of legal regulatory or security reasons we may have to share your personal information with responsible authorities.

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