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Free 2016 Horoscope for Taurus

Taurus 2016 Horoscope

Positions of different planets will make you happy this year. Besides increase in your existing business, there will be increase in your professional and social circle. The period is excellent for professional growth, love and harmonious relationship in family. But, you need to take special care on your health front. In order to have good energy in your body, you need to perform regular physical exercises and meditation.

Taurus Career Horoscope 2016

Lord Saturn is god of placement of luck and career. He will be very helpful in your business. Business and Trade graph will be at a favorable trend. During this period, you will make professional mark or you will even score a new leadership position. You will be favored with full cooperation from government or those who are holding important and influential positions. You will make substantial progress in your position. During the year, things will be alright in respect of meetings, sales pitches, negotiations and presentations.

You will achieve success in matters related to your jobs if you pursue hard work. The second part of the year will bring promotion in your present employment or you may be successful in getting a new job.

The year will be particularly good for jobs related to law, oil & gas, steel, films or clothes. You will get successful results if you are in any of these jobs.

Taurus Finance Horoscope 2016

The year is good for matters related to Finance. Because of the favorable planetary positions, you will have new openings of sources for income. At the same time, you may have to incur some unwanted expenses if you fail to control the expenses, otherwise you will enjoy sound financial condition.

Taurus Love and Marriage Horoscope 2016

The year will be overall good for your family life. While you get love and support from the members of your family, you will fulfill the needs and desires of your family. However, during 19th April 2016 to 8th November 2016, you may experience some bad time. There will be some problems in your family life.

The best period for good time and family life will be during the period from 27th June 2016 to 11th July 2016 and from 3rd of October 2016 to 8th of November 2016. Some good news related to your family will come during these periods.

During the period from 20th February 2016 to 1st of June 2016 or during the period from November 2016 to 11th of December 2016 you will get favorable results if you are looking for marriage or for new relationship.

Taurus Travel Horoscope 2016

Because of favorable position of the 12th Lord, Mars, you will get a lot of opportunities for travel-related matters. You will have prospect for travelling for longer distances. Therefore, if you are envisaging for education or jobs in foreign countries, you will find some good news this year.

Taurus health Horoscope 2016

You need to take some specific care about your health. Because of ascendance of Lord Saturn, you will face some problems related to your health. Therefore, extra care needs to be taken in the area of your existing problems. The areas where you may face frequent problems are injuries to knees, gastric, laziness and weakness and stomach

Remedies for Taurus in 2016

  • Make donation of new clothes to a poor girl on any Tuesday
  • Have respect for women
  • Maintain a good character

Puja for Taurus 2016

Worship Goddess Mahalaxmi regularly

Mantras for Taurus in 2016

Recitation of the following Mantra 108 times daily

“Oum Sha Sukhaye Namah”

Gemstone for Taurus 2016

Wear Opel, the prescribed stone for Planet Venus. Wear it in your ring finger of your right hand.

Free 2016 Horoscope for Sagittarius

Sagittarius 2016 Horoscope

All though the year, you will enjoy good health. You will receive good support from your near ones. It will help you to overcome difficult moments in your life. The level of your confidence and courage will be very high. Love and married life will thrive in this year. You will be a lucky person in this year.

Sagittarius Career horoscope 2016

Your professional career also will be successful in this year due to the strong position of Jupiter. You will have a favorable work and business as you will get good support from luck. Your social status and popularity will be sky high as you will be highly energetic and undertake some meritorious actions in this year. You will have support from your superiors and colleagues in the professional front. You will be in the good book of your authority. Your income will shoot up.

Starting a new business venture and change of job are on the cards. If you desire for relocation or transfer, this year is good. Completing your planning and its execution are possible in this year.

Sagittarius Finance horoscope 2016

Gains from various sources will increase as material prosperity will be very beneficial in this period. You become a very popular person in your society. In the professional front, you will receive a lot of achievements.

Sagittarius love and marriage horoscope 2016

Your family life will suffer as a result of a peculiar planetary combination in this year. The difference between you and your partner may increase. In this year, some disputes associated to property may take place in the family. Generally, this year is not very good for love and married life.

You have to stay away from bickering and dispute if you desire a peaceful family life. It is strongly recommended that you do not pick up quarrels with your near and dear ones. A lot of compromise from your part is necessary to maintain harmony in the family.

At the same time, you will enjoy support from your children and brother. It will strengthen you.

Sagittarius travel horoscope 2016

In this year, you may have to undertake a lot of travel. It will be associated to your personal as well as professional life. You will get admission to good educational institution in abroad if you desire for it.

Sagittarius health horoscope 2016

You will be saved from unfavourable health issues thanks to the strong position of sign lord Jupiter. Hence, I do not foresee any serious health issues for you. In this year, you will have sound health and energy.

Remedies for Sagittarius in 2016

  • Old members in the family should be respected
  • Provide yellow cloth to poor people
  • Donate food on Thursdays

Puja for Sagittarius in 2016

Worship lord Brahaspati everyday

Mantra for Sagittarius in 2016

You are advised to chant the mantra “Om Brahaspatiye Namha” hundred and eight times every day

Gemstone of Sagittarius in 2016

The stone of the planet Jupiter, Yellow Sapphire or sub stone should be worn by you in this year. It is advised that you wear it on first finger of your right hand.

Free 2016 Horoscope for Capricorn

Capricorn 2016 Horoscope

It is a suitable year to get associated with new people. You will have a lot of opportunities in your professional front and you have to readily accept them. It is a good time to discuss your future plans with experienced persons. There will be no health issues. Generally, the year is beneficial for you.

Capricorn Career horoscope 2016

This is a rewarding year for you as the lord of sign Saturn is placed in the house of gain. Your career will witness a consistent performance. You will earn a lot from your profession. You will maintain fruitful associations with your authorities. Even if you may have some difficulties in your relations with them, you will be able to restore them and go ahead. You will not have a great career progress in this period. You may be asked to work in other locations in some point of time in this year. Some time, you may leave your job and find another one in a new place. As you change the locations, your professional life will suffer and there will be a lot of associated difficulties. In order to attain a new work, you will have to put great effort.

Capricorn Finance horoscope 2016

The year will not give you great financial result. Though you will not go back, growth in the income is limited. You are advised not to invest. You will get a lot of earnings from your past investments.

Capricorn love and marriage horoscope 2016

The position of the planet is not very encouraging in the first part of the year. There will be differences with your life partner. Separation with your spouse also may take place. You should keep your confidence high.

Second part of the year is good, unmarried people can get married at this time. As you are committed to your work, you may have to stay away from your spouse and family.

You will hear happy news about your children in this year.

Capricorn travel horoscope 2016

You will undertake a lot of travel in this period. Your professional life will be consolidated and it will bring about a lot of financial prospects. You happiness will increase as you will undertake a lot of travel.

Capricorn health horoscope 2016

In this year, you may have health issues as the placement of the sign lord Saturn in the enemy Mars house. Tension and stress related health problems may come up. You should consume balance diet in this period.

Remedies for Capricorn in 2016

  • Speak only truth
  • On Saturday place lamp on Ficus religiosa (Peepal) tree
  • On Saturdays donate mustard oil

Puja for Capricorn in 2016

Worship Lord Shani everyday

Mantra for Capricorn in 2016

You are advised to chant the mantra “Om Sham Shaishchaye Namha” hundred and eight times every day

Gemstone of Capricorn in 2016

The stone of the planet Saturn, Blue Sapphire or sub stone should be worn by you in this year. It is advised that you wear it on your right hand middle finger

Free 2016 Horoscope for Aquarius

Aquarius 2016 Horoscope

As far money is concerned, it is a good year. Workers may be under stress due to overload of work, but will come out successfully. You have to work hard to bring success in your professional front. You will have a sound family situation.

Aquarius Career horoscope 2016

Professional life will be successful as the lord of the sign is placed in the house of career. This will be a happy, successful and fabulous year for you. You will perform in a fine way and your superiors and authorities will be highly pleased. You will receive good promotions in your work. I do not see any area of worry for you. Great success and the money flow will be very high. There will be a new turn in your career front.

You can begin new business and projects in this year. If you are active in your work, you will attract great amount of customers.

Aquarius Finance horoscope 2016

In this year, Jupiter the lord of finance blesses you adequately. Hence, you will have a great financial year. This year, you will achieve everything that you desire in the financial front.

Aquarius love and marriage horoscope 2016

You are well blessed by the Jupiter placement in Leo. In the chart, Jupiter is well placed. Family and married life is seen. You will enjoy great support from your family members. If you are single you will get good proposals. Marriage or engagement will be possible in this year.

Your association with your family will be good. You will have a great time with your family and children. There will be great support and care among family members.

Aquarius travel horoscope 2016

There will be an opportunity for you to transfer yourself from one country to another. There may be transfer to unwanted place too. In the middle of the year, you may visit some religious places which will boost your hopes and mental health.

Aquarius health horoscope 2016

There may be some health issues as the sign lord is placed in the enemy house. Small issues may be transformed into big problems if you will not provide timely attention. Health issues such as constipation, heart disease, blood pressure, piles, loss of blood, blood defect, dog bit, loss of semen, wounds, cuts, and accidents may take place in this year.

Remedies for Aquarius in 2016

  • On Saturdays visit Shani temple
  • Provide help to poor and old persons.
  • On Sundays, donate food.

Puja for Aquarius in 2016

Worship lord Hanuman everyday

Mantra for Aquarius in 2016

You are advised to chant the mantra “Om Shanischaye Namha” hundred and eight times every day

Gemstone of Aquarius in 2016

The stone of the planet Saturn, Amethyst should be worn by you in this year. It is advised that you wear it on middle finger of your right hand.

Free 2016 Horoscope for Aries

Aries 2016 Horoscope

Lord Mars, position of your sign will favor you this year. As you are born in the Aries sign, the year 2016 will bring better result for you compared to 2015. All your pending work will be completed. If you have plans in your mind, start executing the same. Besides enjoying good health during the year, you will get favorable news related to your personal and professional life.

Aries Career Horoscope 2016

For people born under Aries sign, Saturn is the Lord of Profession and Prosperity. Saturn is transiting the Scorpio sign this year. Position of Saturn makes the indication that you will face some unforeseen eventualities that may be favorable or adverse for you. But unforeseen help will come from your career lord Mars that will enable you to accomplish your professional goals this year. However, you will be lacking self-confidence in performing your activities. You can expect change of your job or promotion in the existing one. Starting your own enterprises will bring goof result.

There are indications; you may become a writer, producer, director or a literary person. Irrespective of your present assignment or profession, you will get beneficial results because of help from your friends, relatives or colleagues. Additionally, your earlier experience will be of much help to you this year.

Favorable and profitable businesses for you are real estate, software, computer and education etc. Auspicious time for your career-related matters is the period between 23rd of March 2016 to May 2016. You can expect your promotion or you can start your own enterprise during this auspicious period.

Aries Finance Horoscope

There will be opportunities for additions to your assets and finance. There will be addition to your movable as well as immovable properties. Because of your hard work and good planning, your earnings will increase during the year. If you make calculative investments in property, medical and gold, you will get good results.

Aries Love and Marriage Horoscope 2016

For Love and Marriage, the year is favorable for you, although there will be minor problems. Your matrimonial relation will be congenial and your spouse will be cooperative and helpful to you. As a result, you will enjoy a frolic and fun-full life. Auspicious period for marriage are during 7th March 2016 to 1st April 2016, from 25th April to 19th May 2016 and from 18th October 2016 to 15th of October 2016.

Aries Travel Horoscope 2016

You will be bestowed by the position of the 12th Lord, Jupiter, with a lot of opportunities for travelling inside and outside your country. You will get good contacts in your professional travels and peace of mind in your personal travel.

Aries Health Horoscope, 2016

The year will be good for your health and if you have any chronic disease, you will be relieved from it. However, it is likely that you will face minor problems with regard to blood, fever, injuries and cut.

Remedies for Aries in 2016

  • Make donation of red clothes to poor girls on any Tuesday
  • Make offering of food to monkeys on Tuesday
  • Make donation of sweets on Holidays

Puja for Aries in 2016

Worship Lord Hanuman daily

Mantra for Aires in 2016

Recitation of the following mantras 108 times daily

“Om Bhomaye Namah”

Gemstone of Aries in

Red Coral is the stone of the planet Mars. So Red Coral should be worn on the index finger of right hand.

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