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About Pt. Lokesh

I have more than 15 years of experience in the field of Astrological science and I have been providing expert advices and predictions during this period. Right from my childhood I was interested in Astrology and this keen interest led me to read numerous books about this science. My spiritual knowledge and power is gained from the eminent teachers in Astrlology, my Guru Dr.Yogendra Kumar Dwivedi and Mr. Dattatrya. I am really grateful to the fact that my astrological expertise has benefitted numerous people from different walks of life in the UK. My impressive clientele is inclusive of reputed personalities from various fields in Britain.

My area of focus in Astrology

My reputation of an expert in astrological advices is achieved through years of providing precise predictions and advices related to education, business, vehicle purchase, property, 5 year business predictions, health, child, marriage, kundali matching and much more. My core area of work is devoted to personal and commercial predictions, and provide all sorts of astrological solutions.

My Astrological formation and Experience

I have got my interest in Astrology from my father and I was grown up in a purely religious atmosphere. I worked as a worshipper in NavagrahMandir in the beginning of my career and wrote various insightful astrological articles in journals and newspapers. I was the chief editor and publisher of Shri NavgrahPanchangam. Besides writing astrological remedies in eminent newspepers, I have been providing forecast online since 1998.


I possess a post graduate degree in Sanskrit and a degree in Jyotish Acharya from reputed universities here. Through my 15 years of experience in providing predictions related to Horoscope and Astrology, I have helped several people in the UK with relevent advises on each and every aspect of life.

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